3 Tips on How to Farm World of Warcraft Gold

Sick and tired of being broke in World of Warcraft? Want to buy some items you really need, or places in raids and so on but you don’t know how to farm World of Warcraft gold? Believe me, I’ve been there too. Therefore, I’m writing this article to share with you 3 tips that will surely increase your cash-flow.

1. Keep all the cash from your quests

This is way on how to farm World of warcraft gold is so easy to apply and so obvious that most of the players don’t even see it. Works for me every time. As you may know, doing quests is the best way to rise a character. Now, each quest has an amount of gold as reward. Just by gathering all the gold doing the quests from 60 to 77 (when you get the permission to fly in Northrend) you will get around 6000 gold. DO NOT spend any money on any piece of equipment! The equipment you receive from the quests is more than enough for rising your toon. When you reach level 77, you will have enough to buy your “bird”. When a friend of mine told me this I couldn’t believe that I haven’t thought about it before. This is probably the easiest way on how to farm money in World of Warcraft for the epic mount.

2. Kill humanoids

You might think this isn’t much, but there are loads of people who stumble upon camps with a very large number of non-humanoid mobs inside and just kill there because of their high numbers. A non-human monster will never get even close to the loot that humanoids drop. Humanoid mobs have increase chances to drop common, rare or epic items. Different from the beast-mobs, they all drop coins and cloth resources that are very needed by tailors and other crafters. So, if you’ll ask me how to farm World of Warcraft gold by grinding, humanoids will be my answer.

3. Don’t sell the greenies!

I see a lot of green items, for every level on the Auction House every day Buy wow gold which is wrong if you want to make money. When you go out farming or questing, keep all the green drops, don’t sell them to a NPC merchant or put them on the AH cause you will lose loads of gold. Instead, hold on to them until you fill up 2 bags or more. Once you have a few full bags of greenies, disenchant them, or, if you can’t do that yourself, give them to someone who can, a guildie, for example. You will get a lot more money selling the materials then by selling the actual items.

These tips might not be mind-blowing to a veteran player, but I am sure that even one of those that eat, breathe and sleep World of Warcraft missed to take at least one of them into calculation when it comes to farming. I am also pretty sure that this article will help any newbie player to learn how to farm World of Warcraft gold easy. I use these tips all the time and I’m doing just fine.


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