CraigsList Classified Ads – A Free Way To Promote Your Programs

CraigsList classified ads are a great way to advertise your eBiz or any product or service you offer. These classifieds now can be posted in 450 cities all around the world. CL gets over 8 billion page views every month. Over 30 million different people search CL every month. Those numbers show the huge potential for someone trying to get exposure and promote a good program.

To post a classified you will first need to  post free ads   register. You will first choose a city to register under. It does not necessarily need to be the city where you live although there are benefits for that in some cases. You can register with different email addresses under different cities but don’t overdo it or CL may pull your ads.

If you are posting an ad for a product or service use the most specific category you can find. You may think posting under a category that is unrelated will bypass the competition. People that stumble upon your ad will not be impressed, however, and they will know what you are trying to do. They will not likely want to consider an ad from someone that is trying to be tricky.

If you are posting for a business opportunity you should enter the classified under “services offered” and then “sm biz ads”. Some have tried other categories but the ads are usually removed so it is not worth the effort.

It is very effective to offer something free such as an e-book, a coupon, a video or something of value. It is usually better to encourage people to email you rather than providing a link to your website. If you are doing affiliate marketing it also works best not to include your affiliate link. Many people will just bypass the link or visit the site but never contact you. If they email you, however, you can correspond with them and have them on your list to contact again later.

Remember, you will be competing with dozens of “make money”, “join me now”, “get rich” types of ads. Being more generic and offering something of value will get more attention and prospects will want to learn more.

If you are posting multiple classifieds in the same or even different cities you need to vary the ad copy. The headlines and the body of the ad should not be similar to other ads you have posted or they will be blocked by CraigsList. Additionally, it is best to keep it to a maximum of one posting per day on this site.

Do not underestimate CraigsList just because it is free. More and more people search this site every day. It is a good way to test your ad copy and find out what is working before you pay to post something on another site. Having a regularly scheduled time to post ads on CraigsList will help you promote your programs and will increase your profits.

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