Hunter Ceiling Fans – Performance and Quality

If you shop for good, quality ceiling fans, Hunter ceiling fans will most likely greet you and will be at the top of many fan manufacturers list. Because of the performance and quality of Hunter fans that homeowners have come to admire, Hunter fans and ceiling fans have become almost synonymous. If you plan to spruce your home with a flexible and durable addition, Hunter fans should be your number one choice.

In 1886, long before electricity has been utilized worldwide, Hunter became a primary cooling device for people across the globe. The company was found by John and James Hunter, the father and son who invented the original Hunter fan. They did not predict their company to take such a strong hold on the ceiling fan market. Before electricity became popular, the original Hunter fans were powered by water.

For hundreds of years, Hunter has been recognized for their continued patronage to the 19th century era. The majority of Hunter fans feature designs that are evocative of craftsmanship of that time, so if you’re looking for a classic, elegant-looking fan that far exceeds the demands in modern times, Hunter should definitely be your choice.

Hunter has special features entirely their own. They have the Anti-Vibration Technology and it features the unique triangular hanger ball system. In addition, it sustains reduced torque for a wobble-free operation and perfect stability. Their fans come fully equipped with a trilobular ball, giving their fan the ability to balance on its own.

Hunter ceiling fans also boast of the amazing Energy Star rating for being energy efficient in production and operation alike. Using a Hunter fan will definitely help bring down your energy bill to approximately 30%. Hunter is also popular for its Whisper Wind motor that allows for a smooth and quiet fan operation. Along with this is a very stable ceiling fan construction coupled with a wobble-free canopy. In addition to these great features, Hunter fans are very durable inside and out. This explains why their fans are backed with a limited Lifetime Motor Warranty.

Hunter products are also very versatile. You may use a Hunter fan in different room themes and requirements with its AVT hanging system and Installer’s Choice 3-position mounting system. Apart from adding a touch of beauty and comfort to your home, Hunter ceiling fans will significantly reduce the amount of your energy bill. Using a Hunter fan all year round will translate to energy savings up to 40% during the summer months and up to 10% off your winter heating costs. Hunter fans come with energy star ratings. While most manufacturers are still working on newer technologies to make their products energy-efficient, Hunter has already mastered it.

Here are some of the best Hunter products available:

1. Hunter the Studio 4-Light 52 inch. This has 5 blades with a brushed nickel finish and comes with four frosted globe lighting fixtures. The blades come in maple and cherry finish.

2. Hunter Palermo Energy Star 52 inch. Simple but unique, this product has a central domed lighting fixture. Its blades come in cherry and maple and can be operated with the use of a remote control.

3. Hunter Summer Breeze 52 inch. It has 5 pure white oak blades, which are reversible. This is the perfect pick for big rooms.


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