Resin Wicker Patio Furniture – As Tough As Nails

Let’s start with the technical stuff first. Resin is a natural or synthetic compound which begins in a highly viscous state and hardens with treatment.

How does this benefit me as the homeowner that simply wants quality furniture at an affordable price? Allow me to answer.  When it comes to sheer weather resistance and an almost relentless durability, resin wicker patio furniture is the one to choose. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions – think wet winters, the scorching sun, or even the icy cold snow – resin wicker patio furniture is the way to go. Resin has on occasions been referred to as the “all-weather wicker” that simply will not chip, fade away or flake like other patio furniture types.  

Best of all – If you’re thinking this durability comes at a price, then think again. Resin wicker is on average less expensive than some other types of garden furniture, and its sturdiness will decrease your need to fork out hundreds of dollars on maintenance costs or even patio furniture covers. The benefits form a cost perspective therefore cannot be overlooked.  

The inevitable question is now raised- where is the trade-off? Surely you’re not saying resin wicker is the answer to every homeowner’s problems, needs and wants? By far not! Wicker patio furniture has, like many others, its strengths and weaknesses. I’ll be the first to point them out to you, but won’t dwell on them either – I’m simply to big of a fan.  

Some complain resin wicker’s style and design lack a certain touch of class or Wicker Patio Furniture elegance. Although many years ago this criticism may have had certain ground to stand on, this is by far not the case lately. This patio furniture come in a variety of styles and designs. As a consumer you are bombarded with choices starting with a kaleidoscope of colors to a range of different styles. Homeowners can literally pick between a more modern theme, or go more traditional with an enduring Victorian style. As with choosing all furniture, resin wicker furniture needs to fit in with the rest of your patio design and style , bearing in mind the rest of your accessories and how your new resin wicker set will blend in. Needles to say it also needs to make practical sense.  

There’s no benefit to your guests if you have a big, durable patio furniture set with little or no room for movement! Your patio and your furniture are there to be enjoyed – always remember this.

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