Rule the Post-Apocalyptic World in Style

Sure you could be one of those apocalypse survivalist that prefer traversing the burnt out ruins of America in your trusty old Doc Martins, but for those that want to experience the halls of Armageddon while riding a mechanical orgasm then look no further. Amazing Posting

The Italian motorcycle company known as Ducati has a strong and unbreakable reputation as one of the premier motorcycle builders in the world. Ducati has pushed the envelope on melting high performance street bikes with modern fashion.

This month Ducati has released information on the new Diesel street bike. I know what you are thinking… no it is not ran on diesel fuel. Diesel is the Italian clothing and accessory powerhouse for both men’s and woman’s fashion. Just like Ducati, Diesel has a strong reputation for high quality products that look visually appealing. The two powerhouse companies mated their collective creative power together and the offspring is the Ducati Diesel.

The Ducati Diesel look like it drove in from a future post apocalyptic landscape; all it needs is some gun turrets welded onto its sleek and deadly frame and it could be star in a sci-fi blockbuster. The Ducati Diesel has a military chic type of theme going on, which works amazingly well. The Diesel is built upon the Ducati Monster 1100 EVO. The color combination is pure military matt green which fits the bikes tough and rugged look. The military green is complimented with black as night accents located through the rest of the bike, including the Trellis frame, exhaust system, engine covers and the deadly looking wheels. The only color that stands out is the Bumble-Bee yellow brake calipers on the front wheel.

The Ducati Diesel is a one of a kind motorcycle that lets the owner express his individuality like no other bike on the market.

Since it is a Diesel themed bike there are some cool customizing treats to be had including a personalized metal plate that is fixed to the passenger seat cover. The plate contains personalized information from the owner along with a progressive number.

The Ducati Diesel is priced amazingly moderate for a bike of such style at $13,795.00 and should be available from Ducati dealers by July.

Diesel is complimenting there fashion inspired Ducati by offering a clothing line to match, including the iconic leather jacket. If you want to journey across a post apocalyptic landscape in style then this sexy road warrior bike is a must have.

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