The Sweetness of Being a Full Time Single Mom

If you think being a full time mom is easy, think again. Being one, it is part of your duties and responsibilities to ensure that your kids are in a safe environment and that there are properly nourished. Ministryofhemp This entails cooking and preparing the right kind of foods for them and making sure that there are no objects and areas in the house that may pose as danger and hazard. If being a full time mom is hard, being a full time single mom is ten folds harder (or even more). Good thing I have some Haribo sweets to keep me going.

I didn’t regret a single decision I made. It’s because of those decisions that I am gifted with a very beautiful daughter. Not a single day or hour or even minute of the day that I wished I can undo things. All my fatigue and weariness go away at the sight of her smile. All I need is her cute smile and a pack of chewy and gummy Haribo sweets and I am good to go.

My daughter and I have been living alone for three years now. It’s anything but easy. I used to bring her to work because nobody will tend to her needs and I can’t afford to pay a babysitter. Besides the fact I wanted to see and be with her all the time. It’s such a good thing that my co-workers and my boss are understanding and they allowed me to bring my baby to work. Everything I do and in all my routine, my daughter is with me. From the moment I wake up, go to work, buy grocery, get my favorite Haribo sweets, and until I come home, cook dinner, and fall asleep, she’s there.

When she reached two years old, it became even more challenging but at the same time fulfilling for me. Watching her do her tiny steps and utter her first word are just priceless. Those are just sweet moments not my most favorite gummy candies from Haribo sweets can replace. I also make sure I have mementos of those unforgettable times.

A growing up kid needs all the best nutritious foods available. This made me learn how to cook well and prepare foods suited for a growing child. I also learned how to fix things around the house like plumbing and basic electricity. Learning and doing things around the house myself made me save more money for my kid and some occasional indulgence for Haribo sweets.

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