Two Key Online Fantasy Sport Resources

The internet boom of yesteryear is largely credited with mainstreaming fantasy sports leagues and transforming them into an international pastime for sports fans of all inclinations. Today’s fantasy sport player has immediate and nearly unlimited access to all the games, leagues, statistics, and information that they could possibly need, and it’s never been easier for new players to get involved in the community. It certainly helps that there 토토 are a few websites online today that strive to unify existing fantasy sport players and foster the integration of new players into the hobby.

The RotoWire series of websites is by far one of the most comprehensive available. In addition to maintaining an active newswire that’s written by highly-regarded staff columnists and updated literally around the clock, RotoWire offers in-depth analysis and databases, preseason information, expert blogs, game hosting, and email or cellphone update subscription services. This is particularly impressive when one considers that RotoWire covers every sport that has a respectively-sized and active fantasy league, no matter how obscure the game may be. Of course, such great service does come at a cost and people must subscribe to RotoWire in order to take full advantage of its offerings. Players who focus on one sport will have to pay an annual subscription fee of $39.99, while those who want to play fantasy games for up to three sports face paying an annual price of either $59.99 or $69.99, depending on whether they want access to the magazines or not.

Fantasy on Yahoo! Sports is another solid online resource for the fantasy sport player. This site opens both free and paid leagues for public participation and offers players a variety of rule sets including traditional rotisserie or head-to-head games, pick ’em games, and salary cap games. Yahoo! does tend to focus around the big four leagues – the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB – but its news and analysis is intensive and it hosts a sizable community of casual and serious players alike. The website also offers seasonal mock draft games which allow players to fiddle around with creating a draft in an interactive environment without any obligations or consequences. Yahoo! is a free service.

These two sites tend to attract a more experienced player base, but they’re also so full of information that they’re ideal starting points for those who are curious about giving fantasy sport a try, though RotoWire does cater to the more dedicated player who’s willing to put their money where their sports enthusiasm is. For those who don’t find either site to be appealing, there are dozens of alternatives available that range from having a focus on a specific sport to approaching fantasy sport on a general, more inclusive level. All of these sites are only a search engine away.

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