Why Flashy Website Intro Movies Are No Good!

Many inexperienced companies that approach web designers to create a website ask for a flashy introduction movie or flash movie.

Users get bored, and are often time pressed for information.

Its well known in the website design industry that any major intro to a website becomes boring very quickly and is one of the main reasons users click away.

They don’t want to watch it.

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They don’t want to wait for it to load.

They also take a lot of time and money to make.

Search engines may incorrectly index your site if its first page is a flash movie. This will mean it becomes harder for internet searchers to find your site.

Here is an example.

Employ a mime artist to set up in front of a supermarket. Ask the mime artist to ensure that before each client enters – he does a full one minute mime about the supermarket, its products and its prices.

Do you think the supermarket customers will enjoy this the first time (let alone the second time they arrive)?

If users are on a slow connection – what then? They are basically unable to use your site.

Ideally, you want to reduce the amount of steps or clicks a user has to perform in order to use your site – whether its info or selling.

Even Adobe who create flash products don’t have a flash entry movie fro their site!

Rather, keep your design consistent and work your colours and flash into your actual website this way you get speed. functionality and good looks.



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